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Technology Safety Exploring technology in the context of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and violence against women
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Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic AbuseThermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic AbuseImage In training sessions on domestic violence and technology, people have started asking about how to handle the use of connected home devices in abuse situations, said Erica Olsen, director of the Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence.CreditTony Luong for The New York Times ByNellie Bowles June 23, 2018 SAN FRANCISCO — The people who called into the help hotlines and domestic violence shelters said they felt as if they were going crazy. One woman had turned on her air-conditioner, but said it then switched off without her touching it. Another said the code numbers of the digital lock at her front door changed every day and she could not figure out why. Still another told an abuse help line that she kept hearing the doorbell ring, but no one was there. Their stories are part of a new pattern of behavior in domestic abuse cases tied t…

[STALK NEWS]  Facebook engineer and 'professional stalker' reportedly fired over creepy Tinder messages - TechCrunch

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Hackers are Targeting Routers

Hackers are Targeting Routers: You should learn about your router's security features and investigate whether your router's firmware needs a security update.

Mentality of a stalker

Many people think if you come from wealth or drive a nice vehicle that you wouldn`t support or be involved in gang stalking. Let me tell you that is a myth. Stalkers and abusers come from all economic backgrounds - from doctors to lawyers to business people to housewives. Many people who get involved with gang stalking make their decision based off their past experiences as a child. I can't express enough about the gang stalkers mentality and tactics used against a targeted individual.
(1) As a child feeling powerless your parents not allowing you to make any decisions.
(2) Being bullied as a child
(3) Early substance abuse
(4) Physically or mental abuse
(5) Low self-esteem
(6) Narcissistic personality
(7)  Needing to feel as part of the group
 Many people that join stalking groups are in denial. They think its about the money or taking care of their family. Not only are they delusional but they have a serious character flaw or psychopathic traits. When you can conscio…

Targeted individuals there could be a price to pay for expecting free items

I want to talk to you about some of the free stuff you received or pick up along the route you travel as a targeted individual. It is important that you don`t pick up items sitting on the curbs and sidewalks waiting for you or except free gifts from a stranger or acquaintance. Most likely they are compromised items. If you are a targeted individual most likely there are devices placed in your home. If you notice that when your discussing something in your home or surfing the net searching for free items it suddenly appears and is just what you were looking for. Coincidence? No. It is set up for you to take the bait. Another one is you get a call or an e-mail telling you that you won a free big screen or cell phone and you know you never sign up for a contest. You have to be on your A game when it comes to bringing free stuff into your house. Don`t be paranoid, but be cautious. My personal experience was an acquaintance offered me a brand new light fixture, after not accepting i…

Walworth man faces 41 count indictment for charges of stalking 22 women

Walworth man faces 41 count indictment for charges of stalking 22 women: A Walworth man is facing a 41 count indictment, after accusations of stalking 22 women between September 2011 and June 2016. Some of those women were minors.

Befriend by stalker

Over the years I have researched and studied the behavior of my stalkers. These people are not the brightest group of people. In the early stage of my stalking I had a women (stalker )befriend me which I didn’t mind, for me it was research. It didn’t take long before I realized this woman was not playing with a full deck, as I got to know her she started opening up about her situation at home. She was unhappy in here marriage and felt stuck, I must’ve been sent to intervene. It wasn’t long before she confided  in me that she and her children were poisoning her husband. It was hard for me to hear this lady hated her husband so much that she would poison him and jeopardize her  own children’s future. Why not just leave ?  Long story short I was able to reason with her and the poisoning stopped . Months later her husband had a motorcycle accident and this woman praying  that he wouldn’t make it . Again I had to make her understand how it would affect her children. As time went by I tried t…

Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives


Protection for Gangstalkers

Know what your getting yourself and your family into there will be a price to pay for excepting gift cards and cash for stalking .

Get back to normal

This post is about getting out of your head and getting back to  reality for all the victims of gang stalking. You must realize that before you became a targeted individual you were out In the public enjoying life.  You can get back to some kind of normalcy that you had before you became a targeted individual.  There were always people looking at you as you walk down the street, nothing has changed.  Ignore these people, you can’t let someone else  dictate what kind of person you’re going to be or what you’re feeling. Get yourself back to a place where you’re feeling great about yourself and the things around you. Start eating healthy, working out, meditation, and study psychology. A lot of this has to do with psychological games . You can’t be a victim if you are proactive   Sitting back and being afraid does not help you, it kills the soul.  If gang stalking is supposed to make you commit suicide, get locked up or even become depressed,  it is up to you to counteract the negative w…

Help for stalking victims


ICAACT: Web Links

High-tech stalking: How abusers target victims with spyware and apps


Neighborhood Community Watch Group

It`s been awhile  since my last blog and there`s been so many great things happening although I`m not ready to share them with you but you can look forward to some help coming in the near future, which will level the playing field for victims of stalking , bullying and domestic violence.
Since my last post I've been working diligently on some new projects. By doing research and investigative  work, I have a deeper understanding in the way this works and how people become targeted individuals. From the Drop cars used to terrify the victim to how the neighborhood  community watch groups get involved. and how demographics play a major role in terrorizing the target. Let`s jump into this.
1. For most people that are being stalked they usually know the person stalking them. Seems to be a jilted lover or someone who has ended a relationship or was rejected by the victim.

2. It could be someone that is jealous or who envies you from afar.
3.Whistle blowers
5. Minorities
6. P…