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Quick note

I wanted to just remind the target individual as the weather gets warmer summer approaching The gangs stalkers Will be energized  and very active remember they only have about seven tactics they continue to use over again same tactics nothing new .And to the stalker  be safe you’re putting yourself in jeopardy by parking on the side of the freeway  remember they don’t care about you you can be replaced be safe out there .

Hackers are Targeting Routers

Hackers are Targeting Routers: You should learn about your router's security features and investigate whether your router's firmware needs a security update.

Mentality of a stalker

Many people think if you come from wealth or drive a nice vehicle that you wouldn`t support or be involved in gang stalking. Let me tell you that is a myth. Stalkers and abusers come from all economic backgrounds - from doctors to lawyers to business people to housewives. Many people who get involved with gang stalking make their decision based off their past experiences as a child. I can't express enough about the gang stalkers mentality and tactics used against a targeted individual.
(1) As a child feeling powerless your parents not allowing you to make any decisions.
(2) Being bullied as a child
(3) Early substance abuse
(4) Physically or mental abuse
(5) Low self-esteem
(6) Narcissistic personality
(7)  Needing to feel as part of the group
 Many people that join stalking groups are in denial. They think its about the money or taking care of their family. Not only are they delusional but they have a serious character flaw or psychopathic traits. When you can conscio…
April Newsletter Raising Awareness for a Worthy Cause The ‘me too’ movement has been gained much attention over the past few months. With everything from a prominent hashtag (#MeToo) to survivor’s marches and rallies that unite hundreds of thousands of people against sexual assault, the movement has brought about quite a momentous shift in the way we view assault. Though the ‘me too’ movement is a change in the right direction, there is still a lot of work to do in regard to raising awareness of sexual assault and helping victims find the strength to persevere in the face of such gross misconduct. For this reason, the latest edition of the Argosy Shadow Newsletter features information about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which kicked off earlier this month. The newsletter also includes insights and information on other relevant and timely happenings around the world that have relation to or impact on harassment matters. Sexual Assault Awareness Month
It is an unfortunate reality that t…

Targeted individuals there could be a price to pay for expecting free items

I want to talk to you about some of the free stuff you received or pick up along the route you travel as a targeted individual. It is important that you don`t pick up items sitting on the curbs and sidewalks waiting for you or except free gifts from a stranger or acquaintance. Most likely they are compromised items. If you are a targeted individual most likely there are devices placed in your home. If you notice that when your discussing something in your home or surfing the net searching for free items it suddenly appears and is just what you were looking for. Coincidence? No. It is set up for you to take the bait. Another one is you get a call or an e-mail telling you that you won a free big screen or cell phone and you know you never sign up for a contest. You have to be on your A game when it comes to bringing free stuff into your house. Don`t be paranoid, but be cautious. My personal experience was an acquaintance offered me a brand new light fixture, after not accepting i…

Walworth man faces 41 count indictment for charges of stalking 22 women

Walworth man faces 41 count indictment for charges of stalking 22 women: A Walworth man is facing a 41 count indictment, after accusations of stalking 22 women between September 2011 and June 2016. Some of those women were minors.

Befriend by stalker

Over the years I have researched and studied the behavior of my stalkers. These people are not the brightest group of people. In the early stage of my stalking I had a women (stalker )befriend me which I didn’t mind, for me it was research. It didn’t take long before I realized this woman was not playing with a full deck, as I got to know her she started opening up about her situation at home. She was unhappy in here marriage and felt stuck, I must’ve been sent to intervene. It wasn’t long before she confided  in me that she and her children were poisoning her husband. It was hard for me to hear this lady hated her husband so much that she would poison him and jeopardize her  own children’s future. Why not just leave ?  Long story short I was able to reason with her and the poisoning stopped . Months later her husband had a motorcycle accident and this woman praying  that he wouldn’t make it . Again I had to make her understand how it would affect her children. As time went by I tried t…

Argosy Shadow Company Newletter

Argosy Shadow Newsletter Have you ever had the feeling you were being followed? Or watched? Or spied on? Or just unwantedly pursued? If so, you are most likely being stalked, and you are not alone. In fact, there are roughly 7.5 million people who are stalked every year— and that’s just in the United States. While the person (or people) who obsess over you may think it’s a harmless act— whether it’s a stranger, an ex-lover, a friend, or any of the possible types of people you come across in your everyday life— it’s an invasion of privacy and a threat to your safety. Stalking is a form of harassment that generally involves a person or a group of people giving unwanted and obsessive attention to a person. The predatory act of stalking takes on many forms— such as being followed to and from work, to being contacted repeatedly, to having your personal information compromised. Situations such as these can be traumatic and cause endless amounts of psychological distress— not to mention the…

Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives


Protection for Gangstalkers

Know what your getting yourself and your family into there will be a price to pay for excepting gift cards and cash for stalking .

Argosy Shadow Corporation


Get back to normal

This post is about getting out of your head and getting back to  reality for all the victims of gang stalking. You must realize that before you became a targeted individual you were out In the public enjoying life.  You can get back to some kind of normalcy that you had before you became a targeted individual.  There were always people looking at you as you walk down the street, nothing has changed.  Ignore these people, you can’t let someone else  dictate what kind of person you’re going to be or what you’re feeling. Get yourself back to a place where you’re feeling great about yourself and the things around you. Start eating healthy, working out, meditation, and study psychology. A lot of this has to do with psychological games . You can’t be a victim if you are proactive   Sitting back and being afraid does not help you, it kills the soul.  If gang stalking is supposed to make you commit suicide, get locked up or even become depressed,  it is up to you to counteract the negative w…

Help for stalking victims


ICAACT: Web Links

High-tech stalking: How abusers target victims with spyware and apps


The Manipulation of senior citizens

Data show over 7.5 Million people being stalked in one year in the United States 61 percent female victims and 44 percent male victims were stalked. Others don`t report stalking because the victims don`t understand the seriousness of the crime -Stalking it a crime! Through my own experience I have been able to pin point gender and age- 48 percent male and 52 percent female -16 percent of my stalker are senior citizens. Along with the soccer moms, senior citizens are used through out the day for stalking a target while most middle age and young males are tending to their regular job. Usually  there's a shift change in gender at night  until early morning.
A few months ago I had experience something that was really heartbreaking. While at the Post office in Woodinville, there was an old feeble lady sitting in a car parked next to me. She could barely keep her head up and as I watched her struggle to open and mix a bowl of oatmeal in the car (of course I started video taping) in …

Neighborhood Community Watch Group

It`s been awhile  since my last blog and there`s been so many great things happening although I`m not ready to share them with you but you can look forward to some help coming in the near future, which will level the playing field for victims of stalking , bullying and domestic violence.
Since my last post I've been working diligently on some new projects. By doing research and investigative  work, I have a deeper understanding in the way this works and how people become targeted individuals. From the Drop cars used to terrify the victim to how the neighborhood  community watch groups get involved. and how demographics play a major role in terrorizing the target. Let`s jump into this.
1. For most people that are being stalked they usually know the person stalking them. Seems to be a jilted lover or someone who has ended a relationship or was rejected by the victim.

2. It could be someone that is jealous or who envies you from afar.
3.Whistle blowers
5. Minorities
6. P…

Real Talk

Is been awhile since my last post I wanted to take sometime and reflect on the past few years since so much has happened. I will talk about that later date. Now I want to up date you on some of the past post  and talk about some old tactics that never die, tips and calling out the tactics used so you can recognize them when one of these pathetic people approach you. First off no one in their right mind would ever get involved with something like this unless (1) their mentally ill (2) A Narcissist (3) Bullied/abused as children or adults  and need to feel like they finely have some control over something  other then their pathetic life. Tip- you are still the same pathetic person with no power, you are just being used. Go back you school/research why you  think you need to belong to cult. (4) I found that most of the people involved in group stalking are unattractive people, Tip- attractive people have confidence and are to busy with their social lives to engage in this kind of behavi…

Up-dates- on tactics used against victims in group stalking

When you find a GPS tracking device on your car, stalkers are left guessing as to where you`re going, as long as you don`t discuss your whereabouts over the phone- which probably also being tracked. With that said, months of careful surveillance, will eventually lead to these persons know your regular routines and daily activities- where you are ,who you are with and at what time of the day.

Since finding the GPS tracking device on my car, Blogging about the tactics used on victims my stalkers have become more creative in their pursuit of me and my daily whereabouts. I have  seen drop cars sitting in unsuspecting parking lots along my driving routes. I have even seen many vehicles pulled over on the side of the road ,including freeways and highways, in anticipation of me driving by. I have also seen multiple cars making u-turns in front of me.Why do they do this? to let you know they are watching  you as  you drive down the road. One of the most common tactics used is flashing high be…

Tactics used in Woodinville stalking

It`s been a while since I`ve written a post for my blog, but I guess it`s about time. Today I am going to talk about some of the tactics used against the victim as well as drop cars.

Not everybody`s experience is the same dealing with group stalking, and through my experience I have learned some of the tactics used regarding the drop cars. Many vehicles come from dealerships or they are old trade-ins, loaners or from car rental agencies some with out-of-state license plates. I have also learned that many stalker borrow each other`s vehicles in their group. Also you can usually identify these group by sticker decals on the back of their vehicles. I was not surprised to observe my neighbors walk from their home down and street and hop into a drop car and drive off  .These vehicles can still be found parked in clusters alongside streets and throughout neighborhoods, in school yards, churches, shopping center , parks and Office complex, Wineries another high traffic area Cottage Lake and b…

Drop cars and the Role they play in Group Stalking

isIt a common belief that identifying certain vehicle colors, more specifically red vehicles, is a common sign of stalking and group stalking. In my research over the past couple of years, I have come across numerous videos and websites mentioning red vehicles being used to follow and torment their victims. You need to know that this is a myth. 
Vehicle color may have something to do with a stalker’s tactics, but it is not a high priority tactic these days. Something that I have discovered in my experience is there are some vehicles driven around town that have different front and back license plates— and these are called drop cars.
Though it can appear to be effective, as they can be hard to trace (even police can’t spot them most of the time), the use of drop cars is common among group stalkers. I have observed many instances of drop cars being used around my part of town.
You might wonder how it’s possible to obtain extra license plates. Well it’s not that hard. The tormentors may enl…

Empower yourself against stalking

Group stalking is a when multiple people stalk you at the same time. Not necessarily instantaneously, but they are part of an intricate network of people who were enlisted to monitor your every move in daily life. It is a tactic of intimidation that predators used to provoke fear in their victims and those close to them.

Ever since group stalking has infringed upon the lives of my family and friends, I have been determined to not let these people, who are all predators by association, intrude or disrupt my life. I started conducting research about the subject of group stalking because I wanted to know as much as possible.

There were a few resources that helped inform me about what stalking is and also showed me that it is a serious issue that affects the lives of  other victims around the nation and even around the world--it showed me that I am not alone in my struggles. When I then searched for ways to combat this criminal behavior, resources were few and far between.

So I started ob…