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Raising Awareness for a Worthy Cause
The ‘me too’ movement has been gained much attention over the past few months. With everything from a prominent hashtag (#MeToo) to survivor’s marches and rallies that unite hundreds of thousands of people against sexual assault, the movement has brought about quite a momentous shift in the way we view assault. Though the ‘me too’ movement is a change in the right direction, there is still a lot of work to do in regard to raising awareness of sexual assault and helping victims find the strength to persevere in the face of such gross misconduct. For this reason, the latest edition of the Argosy Shadow Newsletter features information about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which kicked off earlier this month. The newsletter also includes insights and information on other relevant and timely happenings around the world that have relation to or impact on harassment matters.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
It is an unfortunate reality that the odds of you or someone you know having been sexually assaulted are quite high. Such a sobering realization makes it all the more important for us to shed light on this subject— and there’s no better time for it than Sexual Assault Awareness Month. For nearly two decades, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center has been running campaigns every April to raise awareness and education on sexual assault. This year’s campaign theme is “Embrace Your Voice,” which promotes the prevention of sexual assault and harassment through the clarity and conviction of words. To learn more about SAAM or how you can get involved in raising awareness in your community, check out the NSVRCwebsite.
Facial recognition tech reaches Europe
Facial recognition technology is a relatively new feature available for public consumption, and it is quickly becoming a vital tool for increasing security and limiting unwanted access. Nest, a company that uses the Internet of Things technology to connect home devices such as security systems and thermostats, has recently introduced its Cam IQ facial recognition camera to European retailers. After being launched to rave reviews in the United States last year, the high-resolution, weatherproof camera that sends alerts you of unrecognized faces within range of your property, is testing the waters of the international market and will surely have an impact on home intrusion rates around the world. Learn more about the Cam IQ and its international reach in this recent article.
Mark Zuckerberg’s FB Security Testimony
One of the biggest stories of the week has been the Facebook CEO’s testimony to congress in defense of the social media giant’s data protection measures. While there have been rumors that Facebook, which has roughly 2.2 billion monthly users, has been selling the personal information of users to various companies and agencies, Zuckerberg spoke in congressional hearings to say otherwise. Get the rundown of this past week’s events involving Facebook here.
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