Mentality of a stalker

 Many people think if you come from wealth or drive a nice vehicle that you wouldn`t support or be involved in gang stalking. Let me tell you that is a myth. Stalkers and abusers come from all economic backgrounds - from doctors to lawyers to business people to housewives. Many people who get involved with gang stalking make their decision based off their past experiences as a child. I can't express enough about the gang stalkers mentality and tactics used against a targeted individual.
(1) As a child feeling powerless your parents not allowing you to make any decisions.
(2) Being bullied as a child
(3) Early substance abuse
(4) Physically or mental abuse
(5) Low self-esteem
(6) Narcissistic personality
(7)  Needing to feel as part of the group
 Many people that join stalking groups are in denial. They think its about the money or taking care of their family. Not only are they delusional but they have a serious character flaw or psychopathic traits. When you can consciously make a decision to hurt or make someone suicidal or ruin someone's life for pure enjoyment, you have a deep rooted problem. (To the any stalker reading this) if you ever want to be real with yourself there are numerous websites available to figure out why you dislike yourself and feel the need to hurt others. Start with this short psychology test. Let me tell you it is no secret that you operate from a form of arrested development.
I can tell you from past experience this is more than a character flaw. While I was working at a school, this would become a disturbingly regular occurrence. I would sometimes see men hanging around the school watching as potty training  occurred in the classroom. It became such a problem  that I started tweeting these grown men's behavior in order to get privacy for the children. After posting  their activity I would watch the stalkers run to their cars and drive off in a hurry like little boys playing some sort of game, but this was not a game. This was grown men observing children undressing. The parking lot became a haven for stalkers (mostly men), using binoculars to watch the classroom while the children were changing clothes and potty training. I often wondered if it were their children in the classroom, would these men still justify their behavior. At some point I realized many of these guys were not only perverted but pedophiles as well. Society would never accept this kind of behavior from any individual/group, but gang stalking organizations play by a different set of rules. Any and everything is acceptable behavior.

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