Targeted individuals there could be a price to pay for expecting free items

I want to talk to you about some of the free stuff you received or pick up along the route you travel as a targeted individual. It is important that you don`t pick up items sitting on the curbs and sidewalks waiting for you or except free gifts from a stranger or acquaintance. Most likely they are compromised items. If you are a targeted individual most likely there are devices placed in your home. If you notice that when your discussing something in your home or surfing the net searching for free items it suddenly appears and is just what you were looking for. Coincidence? No. It is set up for you to take the bait. Another one is you get a call or an e-mail telling you that you won a free big screen or cell phone and you know you never sign up for a contest. You have to be on your A game when it comes to bringing free stuff into your house. Don`t be paranoid, but be cautious. My personal experience was an acquaintance offered me a brand new  fixture, after not accepting it, a few weeks later I was offered a different light fixture again not accepting. Then I was offered a  TV, clearly this person could have taken these items back to the store if they didn't work for them. Use common sense, there could be a price to pay for getting free items. Update - Since writing about the abuse of senior citizens involved in group stalking hired by neighborhood watch groups, I think the neighborhood watch groups had a change of heart. I feel they are using less elderly people knowing the neighborhood watch group would be held liable if a senior citizen died on their watch. This really is abuse. Thank you.

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